About us

Full with enthusiasm and confidence the brothers Walther (Nik and Eric) started the Management Company Walther Vastgoed-beheer in 2003.

Both have developed their own expertise and together they are fully committed to the vision of the company. Practice has shown, Outsourcing to Walther Vastgoedbeheer is the right choice.

With a personal and direct approach we take care of your Real Estate. We constantly look for possibilities to
increase the value of your investment.

In addition, we keep targeting all options to keep your real estate as interesting as possible for the

In addition to development and management, we are very skilled in the rental market.

Our Real Estate advisor will relieve you of all the burden. Your property will be published on a large number of well-frequented websites. Potential tenants will be invited for viewings and all necessary information will be provided that will enable the potential tenant in an excellent picture of your accommodation. The potential tenant will be screened by checking personal documents and creditworthiness. To record all agreements, according to the rent law, a solid rental contract will established.

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